Four Ways to Take Advantage of Cloud Technology for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Many companies are now seeing the benefits of adopting technology into their businesses and so the demands to innovate marketing strategies are going to become the top priorities for these organizations.

According to a recent report by Forester Research, investments in marketing technology by US marketers will increase by 27.1% within the next four years. This equates to about $122 billion on investments in marketing technology by 2022.

This means that any digital marketing agency Virginia Beach or any US marketer sees a great opportunity with advancing marketing technologies that will serve to benefit both the market and consumers.

This becomes more evident as technology is always aimed at making things better and more convenient, which exactly is why any full-service digital marketing agency would not hesitate to make worthwhile investments not just to keep pace with the times, but also stay competitive in a challenging market environment.

One great example is cloud technology which any digital marketing agency Virginia Beach needs to know about and take into serious consideration.

Consumers are rapidly adopting to cloud technology and so should you.

According to Statista, there are currently around 3.6 billion cloud-based online consumers worldwide compared to 2.4 billion users in 2013, which is an increase of 1.2 billion cloud-based consumers who have access to cloud computing services.

For digital marketing companies, this is going to change the way strategies are developed to capture their growing audience. To do that, marketers would need to enhance content and the way it is being marketed.

Manufacturers and companies now feel more obliged to introduce new products and services through the cloud since consumers have embraced cloud technology for three common reasons; salable technology, cost efficiency and convenience.

For the average consumer, using cloud technology also offers three common factors that make it more practical- simplicity, mobility,and connectivity.

Cloud marketing

One of the major growth players today, marketing teams may need to look at cloud marketing strategies to touch base with their market. This can help boost product or service promotions, which makes it a powerful tool to develop digital marketing strategies.

After all, cloud computing is has been attaining a compound annual growth rate of 19% or an equivalent of $162 billion in 2020.

It is a time and cost-efficient process in reaching out to target markets since it can be easily integrated into customizable digital experiences for every single end user. Since it targets customers using online applications, marketing campaigns become easier and more focused.

Robust online security platforms

One of the biggest advantages of cloud technology is that companies that have chosen to switch to the cloud agree that there’s a higher level of security for access to data.

It’s more secure to store data on the cloud than many would think or assume. It provides for secure access only to authorized users, files are protected and never lost and collaborative capabilities within the cloud environment as long as users are authorized.

For digital marketers, this level of security and safety allows for securing marketing campaigns within defined user access levels. This prevents data leaks or helps keep tabs on customer and market information.

Cost efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of cloud computing is cost-efficiency. Marketing strategies no longer have to rely on physical network infrastructures for complex and extensive marketing campaigns, as long as it can fit inside existing cloud-based systems.

Size isn’t even a problem at all as technology continues to develop more cloud solutions regularly to increase capability and functionality.

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