Five Tips That Can Help You Travel Like an Expert in 2019

Travel Like an Expert

Do you have travel plans for 2019? Do you plan on taking a few trips and you want to find a way to make things go smoother, and just a whole lot less stressful in general? There’s no doubt that traveling is filled with wonderful sightseeing opportunities, but it can also be a giant pain in the neck. The planning, the flights, lugging around over-stuffed luggage, and trying to figure out the best accommodations can all get to a person.

So, rather than just accept it is all part of the process, why not take some tips from the pros and travel like an expert in 2019. Let’s take a closer look.

Pick Luggage that Stands Out

How many times have you found yourself standing at the baggage claim carousel watching black suitcase after black suitcase go by, wondering which one was yours? There’s a good chance your own bag passes you by numerous times before you recognize it, or worse yet, it may be grabbed by someone else who mistakes it for their own.

You can take away all the confusion and claim your bag that much faster by investing in luggage that is unique and stands out. Take, for example, the made to order luggage available through Ugly Bags.You can go ahead and make any statement you want with your custom-made luggage, and you know it will stand out and immediately catch your eye during the baggage claim process.

Always Hide Some Extra Cash on You

Of course, no-one wants to think of the unthinkable and either losing their wallet or being robbed while on holiday, but unfortunately, these things happen. That’s why it’s a good idea to always carry a bit of extra cash on you in a hidden spot. This can be a secret compartment in your purse or bag, in a sock or shoe, inside clothes in your luggage, etc. This extra bit of cash can come in extremely handy in an emergency.

Dress in Layers

Another tip is to dress in layers. What this does is ensure that you’ll be comfortable no matter what the weather is like. Light layers are usually the better option since they are easy to fold up and stash in a knapsack or bag.

Don’t Over-Pack

Expert travelers can all attest to the fact that over-packing is the number one thing to avoid. This is, even more, the case if you plan on traveling around to different destinations while on holiday. An overstuffed bag is not only a hassle to drag around, but the fact is that you probably don’t need half of what’s in there.

If you’re still having a hard time getting everything to fit in your bag, you may want to use packing cubes. These can end up saving space and keeping your luggage more organized.

Store All Medications in Your Carry-On Bag

The final tip is to be sure you pack all your medications and prescriptions in your carry-on bag so you have them with you at all times. Should your checked luggage get lost during the flight, at least you’ll have all your medications.

All of these tips will have you traveling like a pro in 2019.

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