Filmywap 2017-2018-2019 Download Latest Hollywood and Bollywood Movies

Filmywap 2017 2018 2019

Is it legal to download from such Sites?

Filmywap 2017-2018-2019 is a legal and free site which allows you to be able to download latest Hindi movies, Hollywood series, Bollywood movies and much more. You may be wondering who can be able to use Filmywap. Well, anyone with an Android phone or even PC can be able to access this website. After accessing, you can be able to download 3GP, MP4 and HD movies all for free. The only thing that is needed is for you to have an excellent internet connection as well as enough storage.

We all can’t deny the fact that the biggest curse for the Entertainment media is Piracy. Nowadays, there are very many websites which are available on internet that allows you to be able to download a hundred percent free pirated movies. Well, FilmyWap is among them.



This website was fairly popular in India and also manages to attract millions of users every month. There is one thing that you need to keep in mind, that when it comes to piracy, it is illegal and the government has gone on and banned the website. Then, if you are thinking of getting your hands on it, then please forget it.


Before we come to any conclusions, we would love to inform you that this website has come back with a new domain name. It is still serving same old purpose of offering links which are related to the pirated movies as well as Television shows online. What this then means is that the website continues to violate copyright act of the movies as well as Television shows. The government of India has taken very many actions against it, but it continues to manage to get back with various domain names.

This website has been offering some of the latest movies immediately after the release of a new movie or even sometimes those movies which are yet to be released to the members of the public. This is one of those thoughts which tend to scare many directors as well as producers of various movies as it is their only source of livelihood for them.

It is quite interesting that still people is googling by Filmywap 2017 and Filmywap 2018. I narrowed down a few popular search queries which are Filmywap Bollywood 2018, Filmywap 2019, Filmywap movie and Filmywap movie download.


In India, apart from Filmywap, there are several pirated websites which have become very popular. Among these websites, they include TamilRockers, Movie365, and Movierulz. As a result of these websites, Indian film industry has been making losses of billions of rupees, and this is a shame.

For example, in July 2018, a well-known blockbuster movie by the name ‘’Sanju’’ got to leaked on of pirated websites, and this went on to affect the earnings of the movie. Now, the main concern is, does government need to go on and make more stringent laws to tame piracy. Do you have any ideas of how piracy can be tamed? Please feel free to get in touch.


It is a simple process to be able to download filmywap bollywood movies from this site. You first open the website using the URL. You are going to be taken directly to Filmywap home page, and from here you are going to be presented with a wide array of the content which is ready for you to be able to download. Get to scroll down and you can click the Filmywap video category.

When this is done, you are going to be shown the various video categories which are available for download. Get to look at the preferred category of movies and get to select the video which you intend to download from the Filmywap by going ahead and clicking on it.

You are now going to be taken to the final page, and here you are going to be shown the download link which you should use. Once you get to click on the link, the video download process is going to begin, and within a few minutes, you should have the video ready. However, it is very important to understand that this is going to depend largely on the internet speed. The slower the speed, the more time will be taken but if it is faster, less time is going to be taken.


Filmywap 2017-2018-2019 bollywood movies download is quite easy task if you know how to do it. You already read the filmywap movie download procedures in this article.

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