Everything You Need To Know When Buying A Bird

Everything You Need To Know When Buying A Bird

Birds are sociable and playful, which makes them the ideal pets. People love them because of the colorful feathers, singing abilities, and simple maintenance compared to other types of pets. Some are quiet, some are loud, but in fact, everyone can find the proper bird type. Choosing a good specimen, proper food, and bird cages can be a time-consuming activity for the ones that have decided to have it as a pet. In this helpful guide, we teach you everything that you need to know when buying a bird.

Which Type To Choose?

Birds come in many shapes and personalities and choosing the one for you might seem difficult. Some of them require more attention or specific care. Mainly, the choice depends on your own lifestyle and personality. Before buying a certain type of bird, make sure that you know the specifics. The lifespan, food requirements, cage size, noise, are the key things that you should be informed about.

  • We all love the big parrots that talk. If you intend to get one, keep in mind that you will have a lifetime friend. Amazons and cockatoos can live up to 60 years.
  • If you are busy and don’t have too much time for your feathered friend, choose canary or a finch. Canaries are known for their singing ability. If you don’t mind it, this is a perfect bird pet for small spaces.
  • Pigeons are a good choice if you want a quiet bird. They are sociable too.
  • Whatever type of bird you choose, make sure that it is healthy. A healthy bird will have smooth feathers with bright color. Observe the behaviour and see if the bird is active and alert.

Proper Cage

When choosing the proper cage for your pet bird, the first thing that you should have in mind is the size. If you keep a bird in a cage that is too small, it can be harmful to both physical and mental health. Psychological disorders such as feather plucking and screaming can appear.

The cage should be as large as possible, allowing the bird to walk around and stretch the wings. Leave space for food and toys too.

Next, pick a good quality cage. You can tell it by checking the overall structure. It should look solid, without any sharp edges. Also, you can purchase it online. Sites like allow you to check the best sellers, and therefore, purchase a cage that experienced bird owners have already bought.

Line the floor with newspaper or paper towels, so you can easily clean the droppings after. Do not forget to add some toys to spruce up the burd’s living space. Bird pets like toys, so leave a few so they can entertain.

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