Essential Mobile Accessories for Travellers


Although current circumstances got us all indoors, we know that some of us are already planning for an epic adventure that would set up across the world; or across our lawn, depending on your style of traveling.

Regardless of how grand you plan your next escapade to be, is it important to maximize it and take as many memories and experiences as you can? Here are some accessories for your phones that you must have when traveling.

Of course, you might already have them, but not maybe all of them. Hence we’re here to help you out in giving you the best options and ideas that you never thought you’d need, therefore, you are welcome.

Waterproof Case

Imagine this, you are in Bali enjoying a lovely sunset by the beach while sipping mimosas, or you are in Paris so desperately trying to reenact that scene by the fountain from your favorite movie.

It would be so annoying to have your phone slip through your hands and take a deep dive in the water, isn’t it? You won’t have the time nor the patience to soak it in rice or whatever life hack you found on the internet on how to drain water from your phones.

What are you going to use for taking the Instagram-worthy snaps? Save yourself this hassle and make sure you have a trusty waterproof case. Whether you are hiking by the falls, or just having a nice afternoon outing with your friends by the pool, a waterproof case is worth the investment. Indeed, one of the most essential mobile accessories out there.

Headsets and Earphones

Long drives and flights can be very boring, especially when traveling solo. So if ever you do love to travel and want to have some downtime, why not bring your very own headset or earphones?

Granted, it might be extra gear you have to pack, but hey, it’s better than listening to that annoying seatmate of yours that’s been talking about their kids or dogs, am I right? There are many to choose from, you can go wired or wireless, depends on you really. For traveling, I would recommend you use a wired variant.

Granted that you might now know the lay of the land that much as well as potential thieves, you never know. Or if you prefer to go wireless, go knock yourself out, it is your money anyway and all I do is advise.

Power Banks

If you haven’t thought about this already, then you might be having some serious issues with your smartphone; or you might just not be interested so much in looking at that screen of yours and enjoying the sites.

Regardless, it is always good to pack your own power bank, may it be fast charging or the standard variant. If you like taking pictures for the memories you will definitely reminisce about, then get one now.

Power banks come in all shapes and sizes, but its use is universally known, you only need to charge your gadget when you feel you’re going to use it for an extended amount of time on your trip.

You can’t assume that everywhere you can there’s an outlet for you to use, let alone someone allowing you to use it without paying. So it’s better to come prepared than let your smartphone or your gadget suffer more than it has to.


Whenever it’s for traveling or just simply going out of your home. The accessories I have chosen for you is a must for anyone who values their gadgets and makes it a point to compliment it with the best mobile accessories out there. You never know when you might need to use them but you will be glad that you have it handy if ever you choose to.

Granted this is just a small list, packed into one limited article. If ever you want some more ideas on the best mobile accessories out there feel free to browse around and see what you might have missed or maybe time for an upgrade on the current ones that you own right now. With how fast technology is nowadays, you have the best not to be left behind.

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