Essential Horse Care – Three Guidelines Never to Forget

Essential Horse Care – Three Guidelines Never to Forget

The glimpse of his horse, shining in full glory, pleases most horse owners! It’s a delight to watch your horse walking in his exuberant gait across a pasture with a shining mane. You would certainly want to keep him as impressive looking and healthy as this. And that is a challenge. It calls for routine care! Talking of horse routine care can lead you to add many guidelines, dos and don’ts. Discussed below are three crucial horse health care tips that you can follow.

  1. Getting the brushing correct

You need to brush your horse clean. And for that, it’s essential you invest in good quality cleaning brush. Make sure to clean the brushes thoroughly. When you brush a horse with untidy accessory will not give you the desired outcome. If you have more than one horse, use different brushes. It will help to avert any fungal infection.

It’s essential to brush your horse every day. It helps in the healthy dissemination of natural sebum all across the hair. A conventional elbow grease brush is always the best choice. Ensure that you select different brushes for different months and seasons. Use slightly stiff brushes in winter. It will help in taking off dandruff and excess skin. The summer brushes are available in a mix of sizes and shapes. It’s always better to select a broad brush for the body and a soft, small one for the face.

  1. Get perfect with body clipping

Body clipping is an essential aspect of horse care. When done for the first time, the horse’s coat might appear dull. It might also get a few lines from the blades. Allow for some time. And your horse will get back its natural shine. Before body clipping, it’s essential to wash your horse. The blades become dull because of dirt. Hence, a clean cut isn’t possible.Always make use of a sharp, clean blade for body clipping. Also, ensure that the blade doesn’t get overheated with daily body clipping. And just in case the blade heats up spray a coolant. After body clipping, give your horse a bath to remove excess hair. It will make your horse look like the ones that you get to see in TVG and other websites.

  1. Keep your horse well hydrated

Hydration is essential for both humans and horses. Generally, a horse requires 5 gallons of water for optimum body maintenance. The requirement might increase when they’re overworking during summers. Also based on the need of the day, you can start making your horse getting used to flavored water. Gatorade is a good idea. Just in case your horse is exhausted because of heat, provide a gallon of water after every 15 minutes. Carry on till such time he gets his complete fill.

Electrolytes substitute the water loss that occurs from excess sweating. You may also consider talking to your veterinarian about the apt frequency and dose. It’s always better to do as advised than going wrong in your horse care routine.

Being a horse owner is a matter of pride for many! It is because horses symbolize class and beauty. But it is essential to maintain your horse’s health and look. For this, you need to adhere to adequate guidelines. The above-discussed instructions are necessary for horse care. You can keep adding on to this.

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