Effective Tips & Tricks To Crack NATA in First Attempt

Effective Tips & Tricks To Crack NATA in First Attempt

Cracking the NATA with the highest course is essential to secure a position in one of the reputed universities in the country and completing your dream course, a five-year degree in B. Arch. Similar to many other tests, NATA 2018 requires lot of preparation, and here we are sharing some tips to ace the exam.

If you are in the 12th standard or completing your graduation, and are planning to pursue a degree in architecture in India, then you need to first clear the qualifying exam – NATA 2018. It is conducted by the Council of Architecture as the National Aptitude Test in Architecture. Getting a high rank on the merit list means your chances of getting into the best Indian colleges increases exponentially. But, to crack the exam in one go, is not easy as it sounds as students aptitude for drawing, critical thinking, proportion and observation amongst other things are tested.

Even, if you opt for NATA coaching, here are the 7 tips to help you clear the exam in one go:

  • Fill in the Forms Well in Advance– This seems like a silly mistake. But students caught up with their board preparations, may miss out on dates and other important details. Take help of parents or sign up for a newsletter with an educational institute to be aware when the NATA admission forms are announced. Keep your documents to be submitted ready at all times.
  • Start Preparing Early– The earlier you start preparing for the exam, the better are the chances of you getting a merit. When you start preparing on time, you get enough time to know the syllabus as well as revise it. Go through previous years’ question papers and make a list of the most repeated questions.
  • Get Acquainted with the Syllabus– Knowing the syllabus is the most important thing. As mentioned earlier, different skills will be tested. Since most of the exam is in MCQ form, knowing the syllabus well will help you get better results.
  • Use Reference Materials– Every exam preparation required students to refer to NATA study material. When you are preparing for the NATA exam, you should read, understand and master the reference books like Architecture Entrance Book by PK Mishra and Arihant ’s Complete Self Study Guide for B. Arch Examinations.
  • Practice Your Drawing Skills– Eighty marks out of the 200 marks of the paper are for drawing skills. You need to constantly practice getting the proportion and presentation right to instantly impress the examiner. If you lack perfection in any aspect, you need to practice more and become more proficient. Always use A4 size papers when you practice drawing. Draw a light outline to avoid any mistakes and go with darker, complete details once you are sure about your work.
  • Be Consistent in Your Preparation– You may have to take a breather to prepare for your final board exams. This break will not matter if you have studied regularly and prepared thoroughly. One of the best ways to achieve good NATA results is to be consistent – create a study plan by dividing the syllabus into smaller sections, setting aside time for each section, and ensuring you complete the syllabus in the predefined timeline.
  • Remain Calm All the Time– You are preparing for important exams that will change the course of your career. It is important to stay calm at all times, and if you are unable to remain calm, ask for help from school counselor, NATA coaching center teachers, parents or learn some relaxation techniques. If you are calm, you will be able to give your paper to the best of your ability.

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