E-Biking Can Get You Fit – Myth or Fact?


You may have heard about the growing popularity of electric bikes among people who are looking for environmentally friendly and money-saving alternatives for their daily commutes, but what about the claim that riding a bike with a battery and motor can help get you fit?

Here are some facts and figures which will help you decide whether taking up e-bike riding is the best solution for helping you lose weight, toning your body and making you healthier is the best option for you.

People are actually having real fun riding electric bikes

Riding an electric bike is even more fun than cycling according to e-bikers and to various studies. Researchers have found that people who switch from riding traditional bikes to riding motor powered ones actually ride more often and cover larger distances carrying larger loads.

If you are used to cycling once or twice a week, once you get on your electric bike, you will feel like riding it every day.

The reason, of course, is the motor assistance you get. You can still ride your electric bike as a regular bicycle but you can let the motor do the work when you approach a particularly difficult or hilly area, or when you are riding against the strong wind.

With an e-bike your position is more upright than when riding a conventional bicycle, so you can enjoy the view and talk to your riding buddies as well.

Also, e-bikes are quiet, so you can enjoy your ride even further.

Every time you get on your electric bike you will be losing calories and doing some aerobic exercise, so it will definitely help you burn calories, lose weight, tone the muscles and strengthen the bones, joints, and your core. You will get regular exercise just by riding to work, to the store or simply riding around town or touring the area.

So, the fact that riding an electric bike is so much fun is the first reason why you should consider investing in one. You will want to go out more, travel further and you will get fitter while having fun!

An e-bike will make you spend more time outdoors and less time on the couch

As mentioned earlier, electric bikes are a fun way to get around and get the recommended dose of cardio and aerobic exercise at the same time. But your health and wellbeing will also benefit from riding an electric bike because you will be spending more time outdoors, instead of indoors watching Netflix, playing games, or driving your car.

The more fresh air you breathe, and the more physically active you are – the lower your risk is of developing problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, high bad cholesterol and other conditions which can lead to dangerous health problems such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes type II, metabolic syndrome, depression and even cancer.

Riding an electric bike will help you regain your confidence

This is especially true for people who due to age, their weight, their low fitness level, injuries or other reasons have lost faith in themselves and do not feel confident enough to go outside to enjoy a ride on a bike.

With an electric bike, you will always have the option to let the motor do the riding for you, so even if you can’t cope with all the pedaling, you will still be able to reach to your destination and get back home without feeling frustrated and depressed.

An electric bike will allow you to join your friends or local cycling groups on fun trips, and you won’t have to worry or feel embarrassed that you cannot keep up with their pace, or about falling back behind the group.

Once you start riding your electric bike on a regular basis you will find that you feel more confident in your own strengths and abilities, and as you do – you will also start pedaling more and relying on the motor less as well.

Pretty soon, you will be fit enough to ride along with others and turn to the rescue of the motor only in extremely difficult conditions and times.

An electric bike will make you more active, especially if you are used to driving

With a simple change in your lifestyle choices and daily regimen, such as the decision to leave behind your car and get on your e-bike when going to work, to the store, to meet friends or to run errands you can get the recommended dose of aerobic exercise in accordance with the recommendations made by the US Government and the World Health Organization. The US Government suggests that people do at least 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise or at least 1.5 hours of more vigorous exercise per week in order to reduce the risk of developing one or more of the most common life-threatening diseases and health conditions – ischemic disease, stroke or diabetes type II.

As you can see, you don’t need to ride for hours and hours every day in order to get the exercise you need to curb the risk of cardiovascular and other serious health problems.

All you need to do is to take up commuting via an e-bike, or use your electric bike to go grocery shopping or for running errands instead of driving there.

Don’t forget that you will also be saving a ton of money for fuel, parking, insurances, maintenance and other costs related to owning and driving a car.

So, not only will you get healthier and fitter – but you will become richer as well if you switch from driving to riding an electric bike.

An electric bike will help you lose weight

If you have some extra pound you want to get rid of, an electric bike is one of the most fun and convenient ways to achieve weight loss.

You can decide just how much pedaling you want to do every time you ride your e-bike, so the amount of physical exercise depends on your goals, your fitness level and on your preferences.

A good idea to use the e-bike to lose weight is to commute to work with your electric bike and use the motor more on your way there so that you can get to work faster, and without being drenched in sweat and flustered. After work, you can step on the pedals and get that workout you need by forgetting about the motor and pedaling home. Not only will this help you burn more calories, but it will also help you release the stress from work and make you feel much happier thanks to the adrenaline and endorphin hormones which are released during the intensive cardio workout.

Final words

As you can see, the claim that riding an electric bike can make you fitter is actually true, especially if you lead a more sedentary life.

Electric bikes are the perfect vehicles and exercise tools for people who are out of shape, for elderly folks or those recovering from injuries or with other health problems.

An e-bike can actually change your life if you are one of these people who for one reason or another cannot go outside or cannot ride a regular bicycle.

It is also an eco-friendly, economical and fun way to get around, so join the growing group of e-riders around the world today and get your own electric bike now!


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