Dangers of Paraquat Pesticide

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What is a Pesticide?

A pesticide is a chemical commonly used in agriculture by owners to prevent pests such as insects, animals, and weeds from destroying their crops. It is crucial to protect corn, wheat, and other profit crops such as cotton while they grow. Without pesticides, plants would never grow and landowners would waste money on supplies to grow them, only to come out at the end of the season without any products or profit.

What is a Herbicide?

A herbicide is a specific type of pesticide that harms plants. They get rid of weeds or invasive plants that could otherwise compromise the health of your crops. This type of pesticide isn’t specifically targeted towards harming pests like rodents or insects, but can cause acute damage to animals and humans in the vicinity of the plants or spray.

What is Paraquat?

Paraquat is a type of herbicide that contains hazardous chemicals to kill off weeds and other plants to protect crops. Although it helps guarantee the safety of your crops, it causes an alarming amount of harm to organisms outside of weeds or plants.

What Are the Dangers?

The symptoms of Paraquat exposures range from organ failure and vomiting to fatal death. They can seriously affect you, your family members, pets, and other animals nearby.

The following symptoms do not necessarily mean that you have been exposed to Paraquat, but are the effects of such exposure:

In your organs after ingestion of small amounts of Paraquat:

  • Heart failure
  • Kidney failure, especially if consumed
  • Liver failure, especially if consumed
  • Lung failure and possible scarring from breathing in or exposure

After ingestion of large amounts of Paraquat:

  • Kidney failure
  • Confusion from the chemical effects
  • Coma caused by internal brain damage
  • Injury to your heart
  • Respiratory failure that can lead to death
  • Seizures

These symptoms are fatal in most cases because long term exposure to Paraquat in large amounts decrease the chances of the patient surviving.

Long Term Health Effects

If a person survives the original side effects and symptoms of exposure to Paraquat, then long term health effects may follow. Such effects include (but are not limited to) acute kidney failure, long-term lung damage as a result of inhaling the chemicals, and even heart failure. Another fatal symptom of Paraquat exposure is scarring of the esophagus that makes it significantly more difficult to swallow or even breathe.

What Can You Do?

If you have experienced any side effects as a result of using any pesticides or herbicides, specifically Paraquat, you can find a lawyer to establish a paraquat lawsuit. Your lawyer will file a lawsuit that helps you receive compensation for any damage to you or your property that occurred as a result of using this herbicide. Finding a lawyer to file your Paraquat lawsuit will increase your chances of getting what you deserve for you or your family members being exposed to such hazardous chemicals in the herbicide.

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