Characteristics and Uses Cable Jointing Kits

Characteristics and Uses Cable Jointing Kits

The rails of lights and Cable jointing kits are a very versatile and practical option to illuminate the interior of your house, especially if you do not have a false ceiling in which to hide the electrical wiring.

This type of luminaries allows you to play with the direction of the light from the spotlights and to orient the light beam to a specific point to highlight what you want or to have more light in a specific area. Combining the position of the spotlights -existing of different sizes- you can play with light and space.

  • The cable system is ideal for rooms with sloping ceilings, such as an attic, and angular connections. The luminosity it offers is the closest thing to natural light. You can illuminate all areas of your house with the cable system.
  • The rail system allows you to add the number of lights and the location you want. You can change it whenever you want, because it is a modular system. With the rails of spotlights you can create the lighting of a room to your liking.

Type of light

– They provide a direct light

The supports of these devices have a multidirectional articulation, that is, they are, mostly, adjustable, so that you can adjust the direction of light from top to bottom and from left to right, according to your needs. The farther away the device is from the area to be illuminated, the greater the beam it projects.

Light quantity: Before deciding the type of focus to be installed, we must take into account the area to be illuminated. That is going to help you choose the number of spots that you consider appropriate for your stay. Since each one is oriental independently, you can get lighting effects with the direction and colour of the lights.

In general, the LED technology – the most advisable – is indicated for areas where continuous switching on and off occurs.

Esthetic: Aesthetically, both the rails of spotlights and cable kits offer a very modern, functional and decorative finish. Depending on the colour of the spotlights you want, you can get an industrial style, avant-garde, but always original.

Installation:  To install the spotlight rails it is necessary to move the electric cable to the place where we want to place the spotlights. To do this, you must make sure that the cable length of the kit is sufficient for the space in which you are going to install it.

If you have a false ceiling, you can hide the transformer in it. Otherwise, you will have to find a discreet place to place it. Most of the Cable splicing kits available in the market solve this problem by integrating the transformer as one more element of the seen installation.

In the case that you increase the number of bulbs, you should never exceed the power of the transformer.

It is important to take into account the colour of the walls, ceiling and floor. The reflection of light will be better on light than dark surfaces so a dark space will need more points of light to provide a greater sense of light.

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