Celine Dion- Courage

Celine Dion- Courage

We all know the diva, Celine Dion! The five-time Grammy award winner has released a new album called ‘’courage’’ and this has been buzzing all over the internet! The Canadian Singer has always been passionate about singing and she is also a songwriter and businesswoman. Her new album has made a lot of positive reviews!

This song has made her believe in life after love. ‘’Courage’’ lyrics are intense, you might think of someone you lost when you hear this song especially with the opening of the song: ‘’ I would be lying if I said I’m fine, I think of you at least a hundred times,”. She is back on track after 6 years as her last album was Loved Me Back To Live in 2013. The 51- year old who began singing at the age of 12 has an exceptional voice.

For her album on Courage, Sia, Sam Smith, David Guetta, Eminem, and top songwriters would be performing in her song.  To support her album, Courage, Dion started a tour in Quebec this past September. She made her first stop in the United States on October 18. She said to the audience: “We started this world tour a few weeks ago up in Canada, but this is a very special night because Cleveland is our very first show in the USA. And that is because we hear that you guys know how to let it all hang out,”

From music critics, Courage has got positive reviews. The album got an average score and showing “generally favourable reviews”. Brittany Spanos, staff writer at Rolling Stone said: “Across the LP, the dance-pop moments thrive best when there’s a touch of campiness, which is where Dion’s excellent performance skills shine”, and, As with anything Dion does, the throaty ballads where she flexes her multi-octave mezzo-soprano are the true gems”.  

Writer A.D. Amorosi gave a review, saying: “The most glorious, and authentic, moments on “Courage,” then, address bereavement, fear, and finality in that pearl-clutching, gasping-for-air singing style that is Dion’s, and Dion’s alone”.

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She has involved herself in her album since the death of his husband she said: “I’ve been so much involved, not only in my album but into the production of this show. I say what I like, I have ideas. They can be tacky, wrong. I’m not asking to be right. I’m just asking to be heard,” Dion said.

We all must wonder why “courage”? Well… in her interview Dion said: “When I look back… my family went through a lot. Losing my husband, my manager, the father of my kids, my friend,” Dion said. “I feel his vibration and his support—oh forever.”

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