Causes of Basement Waterproofing Toronto and Methods for Treatment

Causes of Basement Waterproofing Toronto and Methods for Treatment

For a person, who thinks that wet basement is the worst thing in the home, it’s time to think again. Small cracks or puddles can go worse with the passage of time, thereby causing a lot of hassle and problems for the inhabitants. One of the most concerning aspects is moisture in the basement that needs a lot of time, efforts and money investment. This problem always requires homeowners to take immediate actions and do something to prevent moisture from entering the home through basement. But before this, it’s necessary to check this link and know the factors behind this problem:

Causes of Basement Moisture

Considering the fact that basement waterproofing Toronto is the essence of time, homeowners have to pay attention on the reasons or causes. Since the place has unique construction and nature, owners must monitor the following signs:

  • Improper drainage and soil system: Basements are prone to having rain or groundwater due to improper drainage. The system doesn’t work efficiently and cause wetness in the area. So, what owners have to do is to ensure that water does not accumulate around its foundation so that it doesn’t find a way inside.
  • Poor gutters: According to their very nature, gutters are responsible to carry rainwater away from the homes. But, if they are not installed properly or clogged somewhere, chances are high that water may drain around the foundation.
  • Improper slope: The outer slope should be away from the home. It must not direct towards the living space or else, inhabitants would have to deal with accumulated water all the time.
  • Hydrostatic pressure: The next reason behind basement waterproofing Toronto is to water accumulation around the foundation. The gravity pushes water due to which, it tries to find a way through the cracks in order to relieve pressure. Sometimes, the pressure is so high that it causes cracks in the basement walls.
  • Cracks in the basement: Cracks in the floors, windows, doors and basement walls are an easy target for water to flow. Keep in mind that water follows least resistance and therefore, tries to pass through the walls.
  • Condensation: As a matter of fact, basements are damp places. During condensation, they may have mold, mildew or other problems.

Methods of Basement Waterproofing

Now that homeowners are aware of common reasons behind the need of basement waterproofing Toronto, below are three effective methods to make it happen:

  1. Interior: This method is used to restrict water away from basement inside. It is applied when the problem already exists and was identified. It includes coatings and sealants while the method is effective to prevent condensation.
  2. Exterior: As the name suggests, this method involves treating the basement from outside. The aim of this process is to block water from entering inside. It involves employing exterior drain systems and using a waterproof barrier on the exterior walls.
  3. Drainage: Drainage problems are always at the top in basements. In this method of basement waterproofing Toronto, homeowners can repair inefficient drainage systems or install new ones if the existing system is not working properly.

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