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  • 5 Best Graphic Design Software In 2020

    5 Best Graphic Design Software In 2020

    No matter if you are planning to start learning graphics design or want to create any sort of design for your project or business. A graphics designing software is extremely important. However, when it comes to graphics designing software, there are quite a lot of options that are available in the market. Some of them […] More

  • Tempered glass PC cases are becoming increasingly popular as time goes by. The main reason for them becoming so popular is that they are incredibly attractive, adding some real flair to any computer enthusiasts (quick plug for /r/PCMasterRace) technology. These cases are built in a way that prevents the tempered glass from breaking and overheating. They are also quieter than regular acrylic cases. When combined with other top-notch materials, such as mesh and metal, they become one of the best choices around. Here’s what to look for so you know how to get the best tempered glass PC case for your computer. Tempered Glass Windows The glass panel is the main feature of all tempered glass computer cases. These windows allow people to see what is inside the chassis, including the motherboard, cooling system, and cable management. Your computer quickly becomes the center of attention with the right lighting. Before you purchase a tempered glass PC case, you should look for photos that show the built-in system. This will gie you a good idea of whether or not the components match up with your needs and expectations. Some glass windows only show a portion of the inner workings. If you want to show off everything inside the case you need one that shows it off. The bigger and clearer the glass panel, the more expensive it is. That’s something to keep in mind when choosing a glass case. Build Quality Build quality is another important consideration for tempered glass. You want one that can keep all the components of the computer safe and hold them firmly in place. That means having a case that has a sturdy frame and high quality assembly hinges. For this, you should probably go with aluminium. It’s much lighter than steel and better able to absorb and dissipate heat. It’s less durable, but this isn’t much of an issue if you keep your computer close to the ground or in place on a table. Cooling and Heating If you want to keep your machine cool with liquid cooling then you need to check the support for the radiator. If you want to use water cooling for just the processor, then you can get by with a single-width radiator. If you want more intense cooling and are planning on water-cooling a graphics card too, then you need to have a case that supports 240/280/360mm radiators. You should keep in mind that radiators are thicker than fans. That means you also have to consider how much space will be left between the radiator and other components. Don’t assume that a case will work with a radiator just because it has a mount for it – it also needs to have the room to support it. RGB Integration RGB integration for a tempered glass case shouldn’t be a concern. Most modern cases are made with it built in. RGB lights go together with the glass panels to make your computer a mini light show that is attractive and fun. If you don’t have a huge budget then you could always skip out on the RGB integration. Add a few LED strips down the line to get the same effect. These are cheap and readily available from just about anywhere. PSU Shroud One of the more overlooked elements of putting together a computer is hiding the uglier components you don’t want others to see. The PSU ranks among the most unsightly and boring elements of a computer. Many cases are made with a built in PSU shroud that hides the power supply unit if that’s what you want. You can also make your own by just bending a piece of metal to a 90-degree angle. Cable Management Cable management is important in all computers, but doubly so for glass computers. People are going to be able to see inside the chassis so it has to organized and clean. Find a model that has cut-outs in the motherboard tray that make it easy to thread cables and keep them organized. The more intricate the cable management system is the more expensive the chassis. Even basic models will have some form of cable management though. Front IO Connections How many front IO connections the computer needs depends on how many external devices you plan on hooking up to it. The more devices, the more connections. Even inexpensive tempered glass cases have a few USB ports, RGB controllers, and headphone and microphone jacks built in. More expensive models feature USB-C ports and HDMI ports. These are becoming something of a necessity with many devices using them, including VR headsets and the latest monitors. Dust Filters You likely already know how important it is to keep a computer clean and free from dust. The more clogged a computer get the hotter it runs. That can have a disastrous effect on performance and longevity. Be sure to choose a tempered glass case that has a good dust filter to keep dust out. Sound Dampening Soundproof tempered glass cases are made from materials that prevent sound from coming out of the case so your computer runs quiet. They also have the problem of impeding airflow though. Soundproof cases tend to run a little hotter than other models. Try to find a case with sound-dampening materials that offer a mixture of quiet running and good airflow. Conclusion There are many trusted brands out there for tempered glass PC cases. It’s nice to have choice, but it does make it harder to find the right one. Keep the specific features of the different models in mind. Choose one that offers what you need so you get a great case that will last for many years.

    How to get the Right Tempered Glass PC cases for Your High-Tech Computers

    Tempered glass PC cases are becoming increasingly popular as time goes by. The main reason for them becoming so popular is that they are incredibly attractive, adding some real flair to any computer enthusiasts (quick plug for /r/PCMasterRace) technology. These cases are built in a way that prevents the tempered glass from breaking and overheating. […] More

  • Why Having An Internal Social Media Manager Is The Norm In 2019

    Why Having An Internal Social Media Manager Is The Norm In 2019

    In the age of digital technology, and with all the great online marketing and easy to follow analytic tools available these days, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to social media management. Well, there’s a good reason for having an internal social media manager. Not only has ‘social […] More

  • GIANTECH Engineering
    in ,

    GIANTECH Engineering

    This Singapore based Marine as well as industrial engineering company (formerly known as Goh IGS & automation Pte Ltd(GIA)) is certainly in the leading edge of the market in South east Asia.  As they shifted their targets from local to international, on 5th April 2016 the company got recognized as GIANTECH Engineering Pvt Ltd. With […] More

  • Blockchain Developer

    How to Become a Blockchain Developer this 2019

    In 2030, the blockchain market is predicted to exceed $3.1 trillion, says Gartner a research firm. While the World Economic Forum report 2015 estimated that 10% of the GDP will be stored on a blockchain or blockchain related technologies by 2025. Despite the challenges and doubts wandering around the technology’s sped, reliability, security and scalability, […] More

  • Get in touch with Norton's tech support team

    Get in touch with Norton’s tech support team

    Norton antivirus system is perfect for an average user. It checks and identifies when your system needs an update. If you want to find the right antivirus product then Norton’s antivirus security will give you 100% security. It offers the best parental controls as well. Norton’s antivirus software: An extensive security system is offered to […] More

  • 192.168.o1
    in – 192.168.o1 Router Login Password

    Unique kinds of routers make use of different IP address like or https://192.168.01. Before that, you might need to restart your router owing to your change. Following that, you’ll find the router’s indicators shining. The router or modem may require a restart to complete the procedure. is a default Router IP Address for all Routers. As […] More

  • Yowhatsapp Apk

    7 Best Features of Yowhatsapp Apk

    In recent years, WhatsApp has become so popular not only among the youngsters but the old age people also enjoying spending their most the time in WhatsApp. As per the latest update, there are more than 1 billion people are using WhatsApp because of its easy and user-friendly access. But as a human being, we […] More

  • Best Hidden Spy App for Android

    Best Hidden Spy App for Android

    Are you looking for a spy application to track Android cell phone? The availability of sores of monitoring apps has made it challenging for a beginner to pick up the best spy app. We have reviewed the most well-known spy apps for Android and found the best one.Of the Android monitoring apps rightly accessible, TheOneSpy […] More

  • What is a Video Editor?

    What is a Video Editor?

    Video is a type of content form consumed in quite a great quantity nowadays. There are several forms of media and video has always been one for the most captivating as there is an endless opportunity to capture the viewers’ attention. As at 2017, according to Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Trends, 75 percent […] More

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