Cakes To Compliment Your Brother’s Personality

Cakes To Compliment Your Brother’s Personality

Wish your dearest elder or naughtiest younger brother his birthday with an amazing delicious cake, dream a theme and  get that shaped in cake. We all have stories with our siblings or cousins. We know their likes and dislikes, what you think on their birthday cake, do they deserve a normal cake? Or a fancy cake that has a a sweet or funny story behind or a great message of motivation. Here are few ideas of the wonderful cakes for your brother:

Car freak!

Does your brother loves car as much as you love chocolates? If it is so, nothing is better than a luxury car cake. You can get done his dream car cake and he will sure love you for that.

Biker bro!

Is your brother a biker? Yes yes. Okay, you shall order his dream bike or the one he rides as a cake. What can be a better idea than eating your bike cake. Take a bite bro!

Cricket fan

As most of the boys are much inclined towards cricket, they simply adore the game and deny to get over it. So what can be more pleasing to present a cricket cake on his birthday. Also you can use the picture of his favourite cricketer to give a better message that he matters.

Soccer love!

Mostly we all have seen our brother cheering for their soccer team more than beautiful cheer leaders, soccer can give them sleepless nights and joyful mornings, and a football shaped cake can make them super happy.

Gym freak!

Here comes the gym freak, your brother who lives and breathe proteins and dumbbells. Give them a great surprise by the another gym loaded cake.

Watches lover!

Does your brother collect watches? Or simply love them, here is your change to give a cake which is watch shaped. He will love you even more after that superb cake.

Beer sheer!

He loves beer be it summer or winters? Get a cake done for your beer lover brother by fitting the a pint in the cake. This could be his best cake for life. He will forget every gift after this beer cake. What say sister.

IPhone addict

Many of us are iPhone addicts so how come we forget to make a cake of it. Your brother will jump out of joy after seeing the beautifully crafted IPhone as cake and that too the latest one.

Super hero

If your brother loves watching superhero’s, here is another great idea for cake. Shape the cake in his favourite superhero and let him enjoy his birthday cake to the fullest.

Workaholic brother

Is your brother a workaholic, if yes then we have great idea of making a laptop cake for him, which will remind him of his work place when he is partying with you.

Artistic soul

Is your bro a musician, what can be more suitable than a musical instrument. Be it keyboard, piano, guitar, drums, flute or mouth organ. Give him a heart touching cake of whichever instruments he plays. Wish him a great birthday with the thoughtful cake design.

These are just the starting to their likes and interests, there could be many other things and ideas which will pop your head after you think of your brother.

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