Building a chicken coop will help you raise healthy chickens, here is why.

Building a chicken coop will help you raise healthy chickens, here is why.

people prefer to eat free-range chicken compared to chickens that are bred in large industrial farms, for health reasons and for that, there are a growing number of households across Australia that grows their own free-range chicken, but how do you start your own chicken coop?

Everyone is well aware of the health hazards if you keep consuming poultry products from mass-produced chickens in industrial farms where it was obviously raised artificially to make it easier for these mass producers to harvest chickens quickly which makes it very good ideas for building a chicken coop.

Which is why there is an increased number of households, as well as small-scale poultry farms, are building more and more chicken coops to raise free-range chickens which are grown naturally and fed with non-artificial feeds.

So, how important is chicken coop for your chicken? Check out an outlined information below to convince you to build them a good one after reading this post.


·         Protects them from predators- From feral cats, rats, foxes, and even birds of prey, your chicken is not safe roaming outside especially during the night which is why to prevent them from being vulnerable to predators, you should build them a sturdy chicken coop which is free from any cracks, holes, and crevices which can be a perfect entrance for predators to prey on your chickens.

·         Gives them enough space- Your chicken coop will serve as space for your chicken to move especially if you build them the right size to suit the entire flock and provide them enough space enough for them to feel and rest comfortably. You should measure the entire size of your chicken coop depending on the number of chickens you want to keep inside. Remember that chickens will grow bigger in time which is why you should be generous when it comes to space just like the Australian Chicken Coops.

·         Provides proper shelter- If you let your chicken out for a long period of time, they are susceptible to the harsh heat of the sun, and the unforgiving cold in the night which is why building them a warm and cozy coop will ensure their survival. Just make sure that their chicken coop is well ventilated knowing that chickens also shed their features which creates fumes coming also from their manure and the decaying bedding which can result to unwanted respiratory problems of your entire flock.

·         Perfect for roosting- Your chicken needs to roost and your chickens should have a suitable roosting space for each one of them. Make sure your roosting area is well elevated. You can build a wooden ladder or use a thick dowel that can be ideal as an option for easier roosts for your entire flock.

·         Provides them nest boxes- Chicken coop ensures your chickens will have proper nest boxes where they can safely lay their eggs without being preyed on by predators. It is also easier for you to harvest the eggs for your consumption or to sell it. Just make sure that the nest boxes are comfortable and spacious enough for each chicken.

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