Best Types of Pipes to Use in Construction

Best Types of Pipes to Use in Construction

When constructing residential and commercial businesses, there are many types of pipes from which to choose. Each of these pipes is specifically useful for certain situations. The trick for builders is to know which pipe best fits the needs of their specific project.

Copper Pipes    

Copper pipes are the most common pipes used when constructing buildings. The reason for their popularity is the durability and reliability of these pipes. Copper pipes carry both hot and cold water well and demonstrate superior resistance to corrosion.

A major consideration for the use of copper pipes is the pipes must be soldered. The pipes may also require additional fittings.

PVC Piping

PVC pipes are great to use for cold and hot potable water. They are also great to use for sewage applications. These pipes vary in configuration and thickness according to their intended use. For example, water pipes used to move water will not look the same as PVC pipes used for sewage. PVC pipes approved for use with potable water will be marked to designate they comply to current health standards.

PEX Piping

PEX piping is plastic and flexible. It is commonly used in small business and residential construction. This type of pipe costs a little more upfront than other types but this is upset by the low cost to maintain the pipe. Another major advantage of these pipes is it is a leak-free alternative to copper pipes.

PEX pipe is not suited for outdoor use because they can be damaged by UV rays.

Black Carbon Steel Pipes

Black steel pipes are pipes made of steel and have not been coated with substances like paint or zinc. The pipes get their color from iron oxide that forms on their surface during manufacturing.

Black steel pipes are strong and require little to no maintenance. When needing to transport gas and water to rural or remote areas, it is a good idea to look for black steel pipe.

Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized pipes were commonly used in residential structures at one time. However, the pipes are not used as much now due to their tendency to collect rust. When galvanized pipes are used for long periods of time, you can actually see the rust buildup in the water it transports. Galvanized pipes are still an effective way to transport grey water and water that is not potable.

Brass Pipes

Brass pipe is great for resisting rust. This fact is especially true when the pipe is made up of at least 67 percent copper. The best brass pipe is 85 percent copper and is known as red brass pipe.

Brass pipes are not as difficult to thread as steel pipes and are excellent options to transport hot water or use for large distribution systems. Brass pipes also provide more longevity than other types of pipes.

There are many pipes to choose from when embarking on a construction project. It is important to know which type is most useful for a particular task in order to choose the pipe that will provide the most benefit to you. The six pipes listed above are great choices to use for a variety of construction projects.

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