Ayurvedic oil for preventing grey hair and hair growth

Ayurvedic oil for preventing grey hair and hair growth

Usually the ayurvedic oils contain some special ingredients. They are usually massaged at the root of the scalp. After massaging, they provide cooling effect to the hair. Usually, such oils contain some natural herbal ingredients.

Ayurvedic oils provide many types of benefits to the people. This oil is usually used for massaging the body and scalp. It calms the nerves, nourishes brain, and provides lubrication to joints, mind and soul.  The oil is heavy and hence causes calming effect to the body. Some oils such as Kesh 999 help in preventing hairfall and also eliminate itching. A person can easily combat with problems such as dandruff as it fights against fungus in the hair. The hair become shinny and clean. They also prevent dandruff problems in the future.

Ayurvedic hair oil for grey hair

Theayurvedic hair oil for grey hair is meant to prevent ageing problems. The ayurvedic prevents from hair graying because it can be penetrated deeply into the hair follicles and it prevents pre-mature graying. So, it preserves the shine of the hair. Usually such hair containsamla content that helps in retaining the color of the hair. They contain different amla powder and coconut oil, castor oil, mustard oil, sesame olive oil, henna and coconut, rosemary etc that help in retaining the texture and color of the hair.

Ayurveda also states about balancing the three doshas in our body namely fire, water and air. Any problem is caused due to imbalance in three doshas. If a person consumes excessively substances containing fire or heat -producing substances, then it leads to hair graying. So, such oils are added with ingredients that reduce heat in the body. Due to excessive heat in the body, the hair start graying early and the texture of the hair also deteriorate. So, such oils are meant for balancing the three doshas in the body.

Medical experts state that a combination of amla and coconut oil helps in curing the problem of hair graying.

We require Aired oil for hair growth

These oils naturally prevent hair fall because they contain ingredients such as castor, olive, amla, etc that nourish the hair. When the hair is properly nourished, then the hair does not fall. Hairfall is also caused due to constant scratching that is caused due to irritation. If dandruff becomes excessive, then the person feels irritated and begins to scratch.  So, the roots of the hair become loose and hair falls. But, when these oils are applied to the scalp, they produce cooling effects because they contain menthol. So, they prevent hairfall. So, if the hair stops from falling, then they obviously grow well. People usually apply neem oil to prevent hairfall because it contains antioxidants.

The sesame oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil etc all help for hair growth. They contain natural herbs and ingredients that promote healthy hair. It improves the blood circulation of the body and strengthens the roots of the hair follicles. Such hair contain valuable ingredients such as amla, bhringraj, brahmi, curry leaves, mehandi etc that help in nourishing the hair.

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