Are you Ready to Begin your Bachelor’s Degree?

Bachelor's Degree

As students are gearing up to complete their final year in high school, the question of “What’s next in your life?” begins to circulate rapidly. You may be faced with a difficult decision on the next phase in life. Are you going to attend college or jump into the working world? You have options when it comes to the next phase of your life, however, choosing the correct path is important to your success. If you’re deciding to continue your education there are some critical things that need to take place prior to submitting applications and taking campus tours.

Consult with a guidance counselor

Guidance counselors are available to most students rather you attend a public or private school. These counselors are hired to ensure students are on a path to completing high school and have a path after graduation. Your guidance counselor is a very important resource when it comes to college applications and what is required from the student to successfully get accepted.

Seeking guidance from your counselor can help you get things moving if you’re unsure of where to start. First and foremost, you need to create a list of colleges you are interested in. Try searching the web for online resources for bachelor degrees before meeting with your counselor. This will give you some ideas to present to your counselor prior to your meeting. Your counselor will be able to help you find colleges, understand the requirements needed, prepare and send your transcript and assist you with recommendations should you need any.

SAT or ACT Completion

Most colleges require a satisfactory score on the SAT or ACT to be admitted into a 4-year institution. If you’re unfamiliar with what tests your preferred college requires it would be helpful to search online resources for bachelor’s degrees. Every college is different and has different requirements for admission. The SAT and ACT test can be taken as many times as you would like, however, it does cost money to take each test. In order to save yourself time and money, it is highly recommended that you take an online practice test to see which test is more suited for you. Both tests are equally important when thinking about applying for colleges and should be studied for accordingly. It is important to understand the pattern of each test and how each test will be formatted. This will prepare you on what to expect when the big testing day comes.

College Selection

Choosing the right college for yourself is important. You need to understand all degree programs which are offered to you and if any of those fit within your education plan. Understand the tuition costs and how you are going to pay for college. Will it be through student loans, grants, scholarships etc.? Will you choose to live on campus or off campus? All of these things matter when selecting a college that is suited for you and your goals.

Selecting a 4-year college to receive a bachelor’s degree from can be an overwhelming feeling. However, if you are able to understand what education path you would like to take and what college is affordable to you, you’re headed in the right direction. Be confident in yourself and the decision you make, and it will take you to higher places in life past college.

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