8 reasons to choose White Thassos marble in your bathroom

8 reasons to choose White Thassos marble in your bathroom

Well, if you are looking for a perfect answer to your bathroom tiles, it is white Thassos marble. White Thasos is an ancient Greek stone that brings versatility to your home interior. Also, it has a pure white appeal which is appealing to your eyes. Having these in a bathroom will feel like having a four-side mirror. In this way, its beauty reflects from every corner of your bathroom.

Moreover, these white marble tiles have been in trend for a long time now. That is due to its lasting beauty and application. Also, white marble has a consistent look for both walls and floor tiles. Not only that, but you can also apply them in your bath by using your aesthetic skills. 

Besides knowing some of its cons, many people still prefer Thassos white marble for their homes. Here are some reasons that you should opt for this white marble:

  1. The visual beauty of white marble
  2. For modern and traditional outlooks
  3. Walls and tiles
  4. Various shapes and designs
  5. Creates a focal point
  6. Perfect for smaller spaces
  7. Best for backsplashes
  8. Pairing with other stuff

1. The visual beauty of white marble:

The brightness of Thassos marble is a reason you should have it in your bath. It has a luminous look that gives a classy look to your home. They provide elegance to your place by reflecting light. Also, they can absorb as well as reflect light. If your bath area has ventilation, these white marbles will reflect the light perfectly. Similarly, they shine like diamonds on the floor. 

2. For modern and traditional outlooks:

White Thassos marble is a pure natural beauty. Also, it gives flair and artistic appeal to your bathroom. It is not only classic. But, it is the perfect option for both modern and traditional settings. In this way, these white marble tiles are multi-purpose. If you want to have a modernistic bath area, pick this white tile for both walls and floor. Also, add silver or grey bathroom vanities.                                                               

3. Walls and tiles:

In case you are bored with your current bathroom design, go for white marble tiles. These tiles are suitable for both floors and walls. For instance, if you choose to have the same white walls and floor tiles, they will reflect each other’s shine. 

Moreover, you can also contrast with different floor tiles and walls. So, you can never go wrong with white marble floor tiles paired with grey walls. You can pick whatever suits your taste in home décor. In this way, you can brighten up your everyday routine.

4. Various shapes and designs:

White Thassos marble comes in various shapes and designs. The geometric tiles are the most beautiful ones of all. In this way, you can experiment with various shapes and patterns, such as hexagon, diamond, or mosaic. In addition, you will find a herringbone pattern in floor and wall tiles. Many such designs and patterns are available in these white tiles. Furthermore, they give a luxury look to your bath space. 

5. Creates a focal point:

If you want your home interior to stand out, go for white floor tiles. Well, you can make people turn their heads by choosing these carrara white marble. The reason is that they can create a focal point in your bathroom. In this way, they uniquely reflect the light. So, no one can ignore the artistic feel of these tiles. 

6. Perfect for smaller spaces:

White marble floor tiles can create space illusions. So, if you have a smaller bathroom, these tiles will make it appear big. Also, these natural stones with a polished finish are the best choice for small spaces. So, do not let your bath space bother you anymore. Moreover, apply these white tiles on walls too to create a wide area.

7. Best for backsplashes:

There are many patterns and designs in these white marble tiles. That is why you can use them as your backsplash. So, go for white marble tiles with a grey countertop. In this way, the backdrop will be clearer than before. Also, the same idea goes for kitchen counters. Imagine the silver hardware along with these white tiles. Also, it gives a uniform outlook to your bathroom.

8. Pairing with other stuff:

Well, you might get bored with the same regular patterns and styles. In this case, try pairing these white beauties with other materials too. For instance, you can pair oversized bath designs with these natural stones. Also, you can mix varying colors, shapes, textures, and styles. So, it is a perfect idea to end the monotony in your life.


Modern bathrooms are a mix of shapes, designs, colors, and patterns. Even traditional outlooks have the hint of ongoing trends. Keeping this in mind, you can create advanced looks with white Thassos marble tiles. Also, there are many reasons to go for them. These field tiles are best for reflective lights. 

In the same way, use them for walls and floor to make your bathroom look spacious. Hopefully, these reasons are enough to make you believe in its benefits. 

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