5 Ways VR and AR will Impact The Business World of 2018

5 Ways AR and VR will Impact The Business World of 2018

In the world of technology, only one thing remains static, and that is innovation. Every day tons of business companies reveal their products. Some hit the market with a band while others disappear completely. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are among the products that are gaining traction. Though both the technologies have not yet made into the hands of common people, the business world is eager to employee these. Mostly businesses who participate in business events and gatherings, leverage VR and AR more into the arena. Here we are sharing a study on how virtual reality and augmented reality will make their impact on the business world of 2018 and beyond.

Experience artificial reality that’s close to life:

Virtual reality is a booming new way to introduce information to the viewers. Traditional ways of presenting yourself to the clients were with the help of LED screens and video walls. Now the challenge has been given to the VR. The ability of virtual reality devices to connect with or be embedded with different applications is making it even more fruitful. Take an example of a powerpoint slide that you can present to a hall full of attendees. Virtual reality offers a great deal in presenting the information very close and in an interactive way to the audience. Moreover, viewers can interact with the technology; hence VR can enhance interactivity between audiences.

VR and AV for product launch events:

Augmented and virtual realities are generally considered the same but have a little difference. Augmented reality is added to the real environment whereas the virtual reality is a complete making of the virtual environment. Both the technologies are extensively used in the business arena for product launch events. Mostly gaming industry makes use of VR equipment in their shows and events. However, the trend is spreading across multiple niches and we can now see virtual reality used everywhere in product lunch events.

Augmented reality is also not far behind and has already made entry into the corporate environment. Both the devices are paving ways to capture more and more environment. VR rental organizations also make employing these devices for short terms very easy. You have hardly to pay for the price of a single device, even by renting hundred of devices.

Virtual and augmented reality for business events:

Business events nowadays are most commonly driven by technology. And the most innovative technology is no other than VR and AR presently. The main purpose of leveraging technology is to present a tech-savvy image of your company as well as present your products more efficiently. VR equipment is the best way to invite leads to flow towards your business. Not only does technology provide a tech-savvy impression but it also helps the sales team in getting sales and capturing leads. Because, VR and AR are not yet public technologies many people want to get a hand on these devices – human curiosity.

Event managers can also use the latest audiovisual technology with a blend of VR and AR to create a buzz in the hall. It also helps to record quick leads and further process the data with ease and comfort. Many organizations are also getting fruits from the technology. A good example of leveraging the blend of AV and VR is using charging station to offer battery charge for smartphone’s while using that time to show some demo with the help of virtual or augmented reality. Event managers can simply create a buzz by just uniquely leveraging the technology with their specific objectives.

Prototyping will be on its best:

Prototyping is the best way to tell your clients what you are up to. With augmented and virtual reality companies can prototype their products with great visual and never seen before experience. Companies are able to create whole new product demonstrations and prototype models to give clientele insights into what they are planning and trying to do. VR and AR equipment can map the digital progress of any company on to the real world. This level of projection can create unforgettable memories for the audience and clearly present the word about any game or application.

Also, developers can easily test the product with ease and provide the most accurate data with deep insights to bring the excellent results. Testers can deeply test the prototype and can provide their reviews and recommendations that will further enhance the productivity and usability of any product. Most companies also display their upcoming products in events such as trade show and test the product with real clientele. This also is a very good practice as it can help understand your client’s requirements better.

Niche markets could fly like a unicorn:

With the buzz of virtual and ubiquitous technology, niche markets could benefit a lot from these technologies. Take an example of the gaming industry. It is already taking benefit of virtual and augmented reality. But taking a step ahead, think of a cinema that offers a 3-D view by providing VR sets to each individual. And, now think of medical practitioners, how easily a nurse or a learning doctor can learn to operate with the help of simulation. Virtual and augmented realities both can provide users with a unique and lifelike experience of what they require to practice. Moreover, scientists and students can also take uncounted benefits with the help of these devices.

Virtual and augmented realities are soon to become the most advanced and most used technologies of the era. However, heavy price quotes sometimes pose a threat to the application of this technology in the near future. Despite the heavy price, technology is now on the rise and this depicts in the investments made by big tech giants. Many of the tech giants like Sony, LG, and Samsung are diving into the virtual world to reap the benefits of this upcoming technology.

The corporate world is also ready to host virtual and augmented reality in its space. The path is set for the technology to grow. And the numbers suggest there is no stopping to virtual technology in business space in near future.

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