5 Reasons You Need to Know Your Post Office Locations


It comes as no surprise that the email and virtual letter phenomenon have limited the number of times you need to go to the post office. Instead of waiting several days to send a message, the internet has allowed you to do it in thirty seconds. However, your local post office won’t be going out of business any time soon. The post office is a federal building and the mail system is a lot more intricate than you think. Knowing where your local post office is and what services are provided may help you in the long run. After all, there are just some things that the internet is not able to do for you.

  1. Sending packages

Unfortunately, there are just some things your virtual letter system cannot do. One of those things is sending and receiving packages. Luckily, the post office provides services for sending packages. Just bring in the item you need to ship to your local post office, and the clerk will help you from start to finish. Need your package there in a hurry? The post office offers express shipping and, depending on the address, can get your package to its destination in 24 hours or less.

  1. Money Orders

Money orders work like a check. You take a sum of money into the post office and they turn it into a money order. This service is convenient if you do not own a checkbook and find yourself required to pay with a check. For more on money orders click here.

  1. Post Office Boxes

The Post Office provides PO boxes for its’ community. This can be a convenient way to receive mail if you do not have a permanent mailing address or only plan to be in town for 3-12 months. The Post Office’s forwarding system makes it easy for you to get your mail forwarded to your box and the process is simple when you close your PO box.

  1. Passports

Some major post office locations offer passport applications and passport renewals. If you are unsure if your local post office in Montgomery AL offers these services, check out

  1. Stamps and merchandise

Your local post office is also one of the very few places you can buy stamps. Along with stamps, your local post office might have a display of greeting cards. Or if you just need a box to send a package in, you can find that there too!

Overall, it is important to know what services your local post office provides and where your post office is located. Mail is considered a top priority in the US and it can be a federal offense if someone were to tamper with your mail. The post office works hard to make sure that your letters get to the right location every day; rain, snow, or shine. Knowing where your local post office is located is important in case you find that your mail has been tampered with, or you just need a stamp.

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