5 Best Science Museums In The World

5 Best Science Museums In The World

Science and learning is extremely popular and useful these days. Inquisitiveness about science can be an exceedingly useful character trait for people of all ages. Whether it is you who is interested in learning more, or a child, museums provide an excellent way of learning in a way that is not boring or dreary at all, unlike classroom learning.

Here are some of the best science museums in the world

  1. National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC, USA

This museum is extremely famous for its display of air and space crafts. It boasts of several famous aircrafts and spacecrafts, including the Wright brothers’ planes, Charles Lindbergh’s ‘The Spirit of ST Louis’, which was the first plane to cross the Atlantic, John Glenn’s Friendship 7 module. Notably, it is the fifth most visited museum in the world. It has definitely earned its place among the best science museums in the world, and is a must visit for every air and space enthusiast.

  1. City of Science and Industry, Paris, France

This is the biggest science museum in Europe going by the on the floor space. Having celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016, it has a wide range of exhibits that encompass different fields. There is also a children’s playground as well as a planetarium. This museum attracts over five million every year.

  1. Science Museum, London, UK

London, UK is the home of another notable museum of science. It contains several important artefacts of the industrial revolution. However, that is not the only important thing to see there. Its latest exhibition, Robots focuses on the quest to make machines human. The new Winton Gallery places it’s focus on four centuries of mathematics.

  1. Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, China

Shanghai museum in China is another amazing and interesting museum. It attracts an extremely large number of visitors every year-almost 3 million, in fact. One of its sections is based on the diversity of wildlife in Yunnan, which is one of the provinces of China. Two of its galleries showcase the scientific prowess of the Chinese world.

  1. Academy of Natural sciences, Philadalphia, USA

This museum is the oldest natural science museum in the world. It was founded back in 1812 and it had a collection of 18 million specimens. It is a part of Drexel University. Some of the most exciting exhibits found include the open-jawed skeleton of the T-rex, as well as the amazing collection of butterflies. Besides this you can interested in Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World

Final Words

Besides these incredible museums, there are some other incredible museums which are worth a visit. Science City, Kolkata, India, Ontario science centre and Natural history museum, London are some of them. These museums do an invaluable service to humankind by helping us learn about the glorious achievements of science. They should be visited by anyone with an interest in any kind of science. It is also ideal for the young as they provide a golden opportunity to educate them in a way far removed from the world of stuffy classrooms and blackboards.

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