4 Important Construction Tech Trends For 2019

4 Important Construction Tech Trends For 2019

Technological tools and advancements are playing a huge role in the construction industry, and there are no signs that it’s going to stop any time soon– there’s the smart wearables, PPE, convenient plastic barriers, IoT, BIM, 3D printers, and many more.

Aside from that, here are the 4 significant construction tech trends for 2019.

1. Green and Innovative Materials

Would you believe that repurposing recycled materials has always been a trend even during early 1960? However, as technology continues to develop, so as green construction. Now, it has gotten more lucrative that there are also hundreds of construction companies that are embracing this innovation.

Green construction is now being combined with traditional materials, which could range from asphalt, concrete, and anything in between. These are combined with reusables wherein the majority is solar powered.

2. 3D Printing

Ever since 3D printers have been invented, it has helped in some ways, not only in the construction industry but even in other sectors as well. Now, it’s possible to create models and designs correctly, and it has also reached the point that 3D printers nowadays can work on full-sized projects. There are endless opportunities with 3D printing, and it’s ideal for impoverished regions where everything is limited.

3. Prefabrication

This isn’t something new, but technology continues to improve prefabrication that it’s easier to access now than how it was before. Likewise, mobile technologies have also been providing visibility into the manufacturing process to help those who are involved. Stakeholders can quickly view the crucial details about the project from start to finish.

Aside from that, innovators are also enjoying these improvements, and modular construction continues to grow all over the world. It’s a technique that allows laborers to install infrastructure with as little effort as possible. In 2017, 3D printing has been used to construct bridges, and this has been considered as one of the significant milestones back in the days.

Now, construction companies are trying to create full-sized homes, and this is a step forward.

4. Wearables and AR

Connectivity is critical in the construction industry, and mobile, as well as cloud-based technology, makes it possible for workers to be connected with each other in real time. That means they’ll be able to transmit essential information without any problems at all.

Aside from that, wearables are also useful to ensure the safety and security of the wearer, because whenever something unusual happens, the workers will easily get alerted.

Augmented reality is changing how workers handle their tasks. Through AR, they can quickly analyze the problem and use it for task analysis, repair, and building.

Also, there are hundreds of applications for AR, and companies have been developing these tools to make them more useful in the field. Aside from AR, there’s also virtual reality, and 3D printing is a great way to visualize new projects, and for that reason, VR has become an integral part of the reconstruction process.

Through this, workers would be able to imagine the entire process and perform changes whenever it’s necessary. Virtual reality also makes it easier to pinpoint the problem even before construction, which eliminates wasted time and money.

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