4 Apps That You Can Use to Block a Number


When someone is in their time for relaxation and a peaceful zone, there are times that some annoying telemarketers or spammers will keep on calling your mobile phone, and they won’t stop until you answer the call. If they will keep on calling you at random moments, then that’s the time that you need to have a solution to this problem. If you don’t recognize those contacts, there are a lot of ways that you can block the number.

It’s sometimes usual that some people are resistant to blocking their numbers regardless of the times you tweaked the settings. The reason for this is that spammers can always find ways to get past the blocking settings. If changing the settings is not that effective, these calls and number blocking apps can help you with the issue. Aside from this article, there are also other methods on how to block a number. With that, here are some apps that you can use to block a number.


Nomorobo is a third-party application that can eliminate telemarketing calls and robocalls by scanning the known contact numbers database. The purpose of this app is to stop spammy calls and to redirect them to your phone’s voicemail and place them in the spam list. After that, it will block the recognized numbers effectively. This app can also assist users in reporting any robocall or spam calls, serving as the ad-blocker tool on the web, and will secure you from annoying spam texts.


Robokiller is another third-party application that will not only try to stop spam calls but also mess with those callers. This app has a built-in Answer Bots that can directly answer any spammy calls with nonsense and prerecorded messages made to frustrate any spammers and waste their precious time. Users can also customize their bot response the way they want it to be.

After that process, this app will block those calls and numbers based on the known spammer’s repository. However, users can add any contact number that they need to block. You can also download RoboKiller on your Android and iOS devices.


This app can be used with any iOS and Android platforms that can block spam messages and phone calls. Truecaller can identify every inbound call, especially those unknown callers, to verify if they are fraud or not. This third-party app directly blocks a number based on its database and list of spammers, and you will need to add those numbers manually. Also, users can find a specific mobile number or name to get their information. They can even do audio calls directly from this app to know and call friends, family, and some contacts.

Hiya Caller ID and Block

This third-party app can block and warn the users of robocalls and scam calls based on the known spammer’s central repository. Hiya Caller ID and Block can deal with a phone call associated with fraud and illegal transactions, especially those callers who are telemarketers. Hiya app can know if the call is spoofed that uses the same initial digits as the number. Also, users can place a contact number in this app, which can expose their origin. As the outcome, this app will inform you if the call is a spam call.


Now that users will have the idea of how to block any annoying, creepy, spammy, phone calls, they can start downloading any of the apps listed in this article to block their numbers. Also, when you want to prevent a contact number or get the person out of your life, then using these third-party is the perfect solution for you. There are easy to use, and you won’t get a hard time even if it’s your first time.

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