3 Best Sports Streaming Sites That You Can Use for Free


Many people watch sport because it’s their primary source of entertainment, and most often, it is part of everyone’s daily life. Many of us will spend time in the living room cheering, shouting for the team or player that we are rooting. And it’s also inevitable to get frustrated when the other side makes a point, but everything is part of the process.

While watching and enjoying sports is some people’s hobby, they can also use this moment to bond with their lover, family, and friends. But if you are tight on budget and you are saving money, or you don’t know where platform to watch sports games or match, you can always resort to using different sports streaming sites. Visit the listed sites and enjoy watching. So here are some best sports streaming sites that you can use for free.

FOX Sports GO

When you use this sports site, you can stream live sports from its network, FOX Sports. Including Regional Network, FOX Deportes, Big Ten Network, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX College Sports, FS1, and FS2. Users are allowed to watch some matches from the website of FOX anytime they want. Moreover, people can also get the app with zero cost. Its app is user-friendly and convenient to use, which means that users can watch their favorite sports match on the go.

Even though using FOX Sports GO is not free, you can get for free if you have the cable. All you have to perform is to access all of the sports it offers when signing in using your cable provider or your TV.


Indian content lovers will be happy with the introduction of this website, Hotstar, which offers content from 21st Century Fox. This site is a platform for streaming and allows users to watch different sporting events. And there’s a catch to using it; you can view a lot of content for free but with five minutes of delay. It might sound like there’s not much, but many things might happen in those five minutes. On the bright side, it’s an excellent compromise for streaming with no payment. You can always remove the delay if you apply for a subscription.

Sports events are not only the content that you can enjoy using Hotstar, though. As the number one content provider in India, you can also watch a lot of Indian dramas, TV shows, and films. You can also access the website even if you’re from Canada or the United States and watch some Hollywood shows.


Making a list of sports streaming websites that are free is hard without putting Sportsrar.TV. The former name of this platform is, but the name is now different, as well as its service. The truth is, it is still among the recommended service for sports streaming until today.

This website works like some of the streaming platforms. It gathers the links from its different sources and verifies them to place on the site. There are many links that users can choose, making it a great deal if some link doesn’t work. With this streaming platform, users can enjoy watching different sports like soccer, racing, tennis, and NBA. You might bump into a few ads, which is very annoying.


Watching sports is a global hobby, and people enjoy it a lot. With different games to look forward to, you can view all of them when using the websites listed in this article. All you have to do is choose the right site, pick the sports that you want to watch, and find the match that you want.

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