Is It Odd To Ask “Is Yogurt Good For Constipation”?

We, human beings, sometimes take some ridiculous jokes about the constipation and other kinds of bowel movement problems. However, the people have suffered from a serious constipation would easily understand how the pains in the anus happen. From past to present, people often think that many foods like bananas, bee’s honey, apples, etc. are used to cure constipation efficiently. How about yogurt? Is yogurt really good for constipation? As you expected, the answer is YES, but not an absolute yes.

Why do you get constipated?

There are many causes of constipation, in which there is one kind and its subtle forms:
Functional constipation: This type is common but has no lesions in the rectum or anus. It is also divided into two distinct categories:
Short-time constipation:
It is usually due to systemic diseases such as fever, infections, or after surgery. Also, using some medication to reduce bowel movement, such as opium, tranquilizers, iron makes the constipation worse. In some cases, it is due to the reflex when constipation accompanied by kidney stones, gallstones, edema, etc.
Chronic constipation:
It is often due to occupational habits as you sit still more and have less activity. Mainly, you can get constipated because there is much of the habit of fasting away from childhood or working in places that are not convenient to go out. As the rectum gradually loses its reflexes and pressure, it does not ejaculate more readily, hence it is very easy for you to get constipated.
Besides, there are some factors and habits that make constipation become worse:
-         Due to low diet or too little diet.
-         Neonatal dysfunction reduces muscle tone, reduces bowel movement, or mental disorders leading to loss of bowel reflex.
-         Due to gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, acid secretion.
-         Due to chronic colitis.
-         Varicose vein diseases such as hemorrhoids. . .
-         Brain tumors, meningitis, increased intracranial pressure, spinal cord injury also cause constipation.
These are the basic reasons why constipation is very common among people in the world, ranging from children to adults. Also, there are a million searches about how to prevent from this annoying disease. And, not surprisingly, people often use the keyword “yogurt” along with constipation. It is usually “Is yogurt good for constipation?”, “Is yogurt a good ingredient for curing constipation?”, or “Have yogurt eliminated constipation?”, etc. In fact, yogurt, as well as banana, are not magic foods that can ease constipation completely.

Does yogurt cause constipation?

Food and other physical exercises are our priority in balancing constipation. Among them, we choose probiotics which have a lot in yogurt. However, eating too much of dairy products is considered to degenerate constipation, especially with people who have chronic constipation.
Actually, milk in yogurt consists of a kind of protein called casein, which is often not well absorbed. In addition, dairy products are often lack of fiber. If you consume too much these products, you are allowing the quantity of fiber from other sources to enter your stomach.
So, does yogurt cause constipation? It is unlikely to say that, unless you take too much dairy products and skip consuming other foods which contain fiber. Nevertheless, if you get irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which is a kind of constipation, you may have to say no with foods such as yogurt, milk and cheese.
Or else, some people plan to consume dairy products moderately, so they don’t have to reduce the fiber intake. It is a healthy plan that can lighten constipation.

Bacteria in yogurt help ease constipation

Yogurt has a dominating benefit that can beat down other dairy products that it is a probiotic product. Hence, it can enrich the useful bacteria in your bowel well. However, not only Greek yogurt – a famous yogurt known as a nourish source of food – contain these bacteria. You can see it in low-fat probiotic yogurt which have an extra number of useful bacteria. Science has proved that Lactobacillus containing in yogurt can ease the gastric symptoms, including constipation.
Constipation is especially common with children and the elderly. Fortunately, probiotic yogurt works well with them. According to a study, eating yogurt daily means you are absorbing galacto-oligosaccharides (a non-digestible fiber that impulses the lives of bacteria good for your gut), or dried plum and flaxseed help reduce the harshness of constipation.
In another test on 60 constipated children, they are asked “Is yogurt good for constipation?”. Most of them say yes. Another question is “Is yogurt the best way for easing constipation?”. Most of them were hesitating. So, that was the way the test kept going on. Those 60 constipated children ate yogurt daily. As a result, the study pointed out that these kids have improved their bowel movements well, suffered less pain while pooping, and felt less intestinal pain compared to the kids who ate only yogurt.

Avoiding constipation with probiotics and fiber

As has been said above, yogurt is not the only product that lessens constipation. To prevent this irritating symptom, you should take more fiber by eating fruits and consuming probiotics as well as drink enough water per day. Haste makes waste, so don’t urge to come over constipation in the fastest way.
I would give you the easiest way to memorize why you need fiber, and to answer the question “Is yogurt good for constipation?” or “Is yogurt the best thing for easing constipation?”. In fact, there are two types of fiber in your daily food: soluble and insoluble. If insoluble fiber keeps increasing weight to the stool and make it go through the colon easier, the soluble makes your matter waste softer. This improves the two matters of constipation: rough stool and difficulty discarding it. This is the reason why a low-fiber diet can cause serious constipation.
As far as I’m concerned, depression and long-term stress can also cause constipation.  With the foods that can keep you stress-busting like green leafy vegetables, Turkey breast or oatmeal, you can balance your mood well. Therefore, you can prevent constipation accompanied with stress. 
So, have you found out the real answer for the question “Is yogurt good for constipation” yet? To conclude, yogurt is a good source for easing constipation, especially with probiotic ones. However, it’s not the only and the strongest method to cure constipation. To overcome this symptom, you need more than probiotics by combining it with eating more fiber, drink more water and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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