Fresh Techy Picks: 6 Reasons to Buy a Smartwatch

In 2018, it’s not strange to find somebody tapping or glancing at their watch repeatedly, which probably means that the person is wearing a smartwatch. The average smartwatch tells more than time, it also gives you your phone notifications, health updates, apps, Bluetooth connection, and music.

A smartwatch is a handy gadget that can help you with your daily life. It might be small, but it’s highly useful. Here are the top reasons why you won’t regret pressing the purchase button for a new smartwatch.

Hands-free Notification Checking

Your smartphone receives at least 63 notifications every day from a lot of sources. Social media sites and various installed apps can fill up your notification bar. Every time your screen lights up or your phone vibrates, you have to spend time looking for your phone and checking your notifications.

You may not notice it because you do it on a daily basis, but you consume a lot of time while checking your notifs on your phone. A smartwatch is a convenient way of viewing your notifs because your watch will vibrate and the screen will show what type of notification you are receiving.

You can save time by responding to urgent notices, and disregard unimportant ones. You don’t have to look for your phone out of your bag every time your ringtone chimes. All you have to do is check your smartphone when it vibrates.

On-the-go health Tracking

Most smartwatches have fitness features, such as heart rate monitor, step counter, and more. Fitness apps can motivate you to start working out because some apps give you daily reminders that you haven’t exercised for that day, or that you haven’t achieved your target number of steps.

Growing Number of Apps

Developers recognize the potential of the smartwatch. Apps are developed to fit both smartphones and smartwatches to maximize functionality. A smartwatch is capable of a lot of things and will be capable of doing more in the future.

Music on the Go

Some smartwatches have a relatively sizeable internal memory capacity, so you can use your player and listen to music using your smartwatch. Use a wireless Bluetooth headset and sync it with your watch for the most convenient music experience.

Remind Yourself of Daily Tasks

There are times that you’re preoccupied, and you might forget the things that you have to do. Most people input the things they have to do in their phone’s notes or memo pad. However, you might not get to use your phone at work, and you’d still end up forgetting the task.

A smartwatch can help you remember your task. Set the alarm, and your watch will vibrate once you have something that you need to do. It’s an effective way of reminding yourself.

It Costs Almost the Same as Luxury Watches

Some buyers get turned off by smartwatches because it’s expensive. However, luxury watches sell for nearly the same price. So a smartwatch isn’t necessarily spending more money, as many people assume. Some sites even offer discounted deals for smartwatches like Deal Wiki Deals.  You can buy a smartwatch with at least a 45-50% discount.


A smartwatch is a gadget that most people overlook, but they fail to notice that these modern watches are incredibly useful.

You can save time by having your notifications show up on your watch. You can filter through it and respond to the urgent ones. Developers are also expanding the capacity of smartwatches to include more than the usual features.

It’s also an effective way to keep up with your daily tasks, including workout routines, and work tasks. You can also chill out using your watch’s music player at home or work.

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