Best Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

A - What is shoulder pain?

Many people have to share this annoying symptoms: shoulder pain. Especially when it comes to getting older. Shoulder pain does really affects our life, in a not positive way as it can challenge any actions you take and in other way of saying, it downgrade your life quality.

Most of us will assume that elderly are more likely to get shoulder pain. If you do think so, think again as nowadays, numbers of people might get shoulder pain. Children, teenagers, adults and ofcourse elderly, can all have to gone down with this health issue.

Shoulder pain happens when there ligaments or muscles in any parts of the body get swelling and due to a lot of reasons.

       Wrong posture: this is probably the number one reason leading to shoulder pain. As we learn, work and lying, sitting, all activities are not the good postures. This might stress tenders, causing soft tissue. Also, these are daily activities that we perform most time of the day, chances to get shoulders pain are very high.
       Aging: as the body gets aging, bones structure and quality is not as good as in the developing period. In such cases, shoulder bones can also be affected not in a good way. Therefore, shoulders pain seems unavoidable.
       Heavy work, strong sport: All the pressure we put on our shoulders when performing shoulder pain is actually big a deal as it can hurt the bones. Heavy work and strong/ extreme sport without exercising or warming up can be the direct reason for shoulders pain.
       There are more but all those mentioned above would be the main causes to shoulders pain. You better off knowing if you want to avoid shoulder pain in the first place.

B - Symptoms of shoulder pain

As the name suggests, shoulder pain literally means pain within shoulders. You might come over those symptoms as the time goes by. First, there will be minor pain and then swelling, hurtful feeling all come together if you do not do anything.In the worst scenario, swelling and tenderness are unavoidable.

Some people might overlook it as trivial problem and do not visit doctor to get consultant. However, this is extremely dangerous. You had better find out the factors triggering should pain, (visiting doctors or by yourself). Along with doctors advise, if it is not from dangerous reason, you can totally get rid of shoulder pain all by yourself at home.

C - Home remedies for Shoulder pain

Following are some natural home remedies you can do towards shoulder pain if you want to get rid of this annoying feeling. You can really level up your life when shoulder pain is gone. The tips are just simple as the following.

1.      Cold compress

When it comes to pain, the best and quickest treatment should always be coldness. The reason is that it great at numbing the pain. You will almost no pain in after 5 or 6 minutes. Cold compress would be handy for those who has serious back pain and need quick painkiller.

The way to apply is also super simple.

       Grab ice cubes from the frindge.
       Wrap them in clean and dry cloth.
       Applying over the affected areas.
       Leave it there for 10 minutes or until ice's melting.
       Repeat another round if you are still in pain.

Note: you can also opt for frozen beans to apply over the shoulder areas. Frozen bean bag would actually a good idea as it will not melt in a short amount of time as ice cubes.

2.      Hot compress

Another option is heat compress. While cold compress act as a tool to numb the pain, heat is a good idea to soothe the nerve. In such case, it would help to soothe and ease the pain gradually and last longer. Here is how to:

       Heat up the heat bag for 15 minutes.
       Directly apply over the shoulders for a while.
       Keep rubbing for a while until you find the pain is lifted.
       Repeat twice a day would be good idea for shoulder pain

Remember do not overheat as it might burn out your skin.

3.      Epsom Salt

Sometimes, the cause of shoulder pain is stressed nerves within body. In such case, you will need to de-stress them and relax your whole body. It will elevate the pain completely. This way is also actually super beneficial for your whole body including mental health. Many people have been using epsom salt as therapy for years now in fact. Here is how to get the best of this wonderful ingredient.

       Pour a glass of epsom salt into the tub.
       Fill the tub with lukewarm water.
       You can add few drops of essential oil: lavender for relaxation.
       Have your body soaked in and gently massage the shoulder areas.
       Rinse off body with lukewarm water then pad it dry.
       Taking epsom salt bath everyday in a week to find satisfied result.

4. Massage

When it comes to any type of pain, massage is actually a very good way in such effectiveness. When your shoulder in pain, massage can quickly alleviate the pain and release tension of the shoulder. The key of massaging is that it helps enhance blood circulation hence release stiffness and swelling in the affected areas.

You will have your spouse or anyone dearing help you to massage gently shoulder areas. To make the most of this method, you could use essential oil such as olive oil, peppermint oil to quickly get satisfaction.

5. Turmeric

       Crush fresh turmeric addling along with water to get fine paste.
       Apply even layer of that paste over the affected areas.
       Leave it or massage shoulders for 10 to  15 minutes then rinsing off with water.
       Rinse off well with water to avoid sticky feeling.

You will need to apply turmeric paste to shoulder for 3 times a week within few weeks to find the pain in no time. If the pain is not getting anywhere, it is time that you visit your doctor for further consultant.

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